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The Crossroads of Destiny
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Like i just cannot handle Sharon holding onto Break’s body like I actually cannot I c a n n o t that is the absolute worst I am rolling around on my bed from the emotional pain this is causing me and every time I look at the pages I just want to cry and now every time I look at my icon too I just fucking no

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oK first of all the first fucking line of her screaming noe noe neoennonononoepnoepe 

her fucking face whenever it shows her 

She’s just sitting there fucking holding his body this whole time I Am Fucking DONEe I am Done GoodbYe 

Fuck this fuck you fuck me I am crying because the last line when it said “his best friend” and the pic of them when they met I am actually not ok at all

I just



She’s fucking holding his body I cannot

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*posts on all social media*

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super quick break and sharon doodle that actually sucks because sobs

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Unlike the princess… I may not have another year left…

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Track: Take on Me
Album: Hunting High and Low
Artist: A-ha
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take on me // a-ha

talking away
i don’t know what i’m to say
ill say it anyway
today’s another day to find you
shying away
i’ll be coming for your love, okay?

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Favorite everything » Bastille

↳ You can’t imagine anything more mind-blowing than being onstage in front of 1,500 people, and pretty much everyone in the room shouting along to one of your songs. That’s such an amazing feeling.

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nopersonallife asked: Ted/Tracy or Ted/Robin?

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"Kids, there are two big days in any love story, the day you meet the girl of your dreams; and the day you marry her."

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I know that the characters are fictional.

But the emotional damage they cause is real.

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Favourite MangaOuran High School Host Club

Having the courage to be able to admit what you love… enjoying what you love… and being true to yourself… Isn’t that also what it means to be strong?

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nothing yet, even the chinese scans aren’t available.

cries ok thank you! 

(now the question is, do I want to read the translation without them hmmmmm)

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Does anyone know if there are raws for retrace 93 out? 

I’m too afraid to go into the tag and check myself D; 

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