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The Crossroads of Destiny
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Such beautiful early birthday gifts from my amazing waifuuuuu <33 #waifu #thankyouuuu

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My memories. My mistakes. My scars. My past. My future. I won’t let you have a single one of them! 

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Happy Easter by Yana Toboso (2014年4月21日)

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"I’m not your subordinate."

FMA Prince of the Dawn (Video Game Cutscene)
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here’s where she meets prince charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him ‘til chapter three

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Make me choose - Anonymous asked: Will x Elizabeth or Jack x Elizabeth?

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o captain! my captain!

walt whitman

(outfit is based on the retrace 93 color spread)

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so guess what yen press just licensed


  • PandoraHearts ~odds and ends~ by Jun Mochizuki – If you love the cracking mind-warp that is PandoraHearts, you won’t want to miss this art book! Lavishly presented in hardback with a slipcase, Mochizuki’s darkly whimsical world comes to vivid life in this collection of over 120 color and black-and-white illustrations from PandoraHearts,Crimson-Shell, and more! Look for it in November 2014!


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i will not turn my face
away from the sun
just because it is burning

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Kuroshitsuji Pocketbook 2014 #1 Jan Illustration

Scanned by Funtom’s Candy

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Like i just cannot handle Sharon holding onto Break’s body like I actually cannot I c a n n o t that is the absolute worst I am rolling around on my bed from the emotional pain this is causing me and every time I look at the pages I just want to cry and now every time I look at my icon too I just fucking no

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