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The Crossroads of Destiny
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Reminder that we’re trying to plan a Pandora Hearts shoot/meet up at Otakon 2014


If you’re going to Otakon, and you’re cosplaying Pandora Hearts, or want to meet other fans, come help us plan over at!

If you don’t want to make a account, and you would like to join in the planning, feel free to send me a message on here!! ^^

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Yang vs Ren

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ren + flipping over the water melons and kicking them

requested by blakebellablack

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Haruhi Fujioka

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Thank you for worrying about me.

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Decided to take pics in my full ruby costume since it’s done! (Except for the scythe) Two weeks until Otakon!

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Ok but Ren fighting with leeks is super hot I’m js

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Track: Afire Love
Album: x (Deluxe Edition)
Artist: Ed Sheeran
449 plays

Put your open lips on mine and slowly let them shut
For they’re designed to be together, oh
With your body next to mine our hearts will beat as one
And we’re set alight, we’re afire love

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favorite character challenge → favorite male anime character

↳ Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club)
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Princess Jellyfish Cover Art

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other sketches here

uper quick riza and black hayate sketch   I’ll try up the quality of these. Currently juggling between paintings of steins;gate, fate/zero, FMA and KLK … 

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"Anyone else excited about San Diego Comic Con?"

Peter Jackson

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